Will Miles


Will Miles – Blacked Out

Australian based DJ and producer Will Miles returns to Eloisa with new EP ‘Blacked Out’, out 16th February.

A four-track release, ‘Blacked Out’ opens with the rave-era sounds of ‘Disarm’, which pairs seductive diva vocals with rapid-fire breaks. Next up, ‘Reverse Procedure’ sees Will channel a classic artcore D&B vibe, before the title track brings an invigorating dose of neurofunk to the table. Closing things out, ‘With You Again’ is a maelstrom of uplifting vocals, euphoric piano chords and the most enthralling of basslines. 

Will Miles is a classically-trained electronic artist from the US, currently residing in Australia. He acquired his love of D&B from his friend Kjell Anderson (one half of the production duo Style Control) back in 1994, since releasing on a slew of labels that includes Creative Source, Mac2, Inperspective, Influenza, Innerground, Deep Soul Music, Horizons, Influenza LTD. and numerous others.

Drawing on a number of D&B subgenres, ‘Blacked Out’ is a meticulously crafted EP created by a stalwart of the scene.