pyxis – The XX

Exciting new producer pyxis makes her debut on Eloisa Records with new EP ‘The XX’, out 15th September.

A four-track release with a different female vocalist on each song ‘The XX’ announces itself with the tranquil, jazz-inflicted vibes of ‘Aura’, featuring the soulful vocals of Ella Sopp. Next up, ‘Senses’ ventures into the deeper end of the D&B spectrum, accompanied by the smooth voice of Collette Warren, before ‘Timepeace’ unleashes full sonic eruption, paired with the similarly electrifying vocals of SOFi MARi. Closing things out is the soft, meditative ‘Zen’, with Sydney throwing her enchanting vocals into the mix.

A relative newcomer in the world of D&B, pyxis burst onto the scene at the tail-end of last year with a release on the revered Goldfat Records. Since then she has put out more music on Liquid Drops, Sunny Moves and Just Noyze before landing on Eloisa.

A dynamic four-track release, brimming with bold atmospherics and rich soundscapes, ‘The XX’ demonstrates a talented young artist on her way to the top.