Release Date: 03/11/20

Sublimit and Phadix have reunited to make their Eloisa Records debut on new EP ‘Together In Sound’, out 3rd November.

A four-track release, ‘Together In Sound’ commences with ‘Soon’ which sees the boys create a rich D&B soundscape, brimming with detail and dancefloor energy. Following suit, the aptly-named ‘We Are Powerful’ is a maelstrom of soaring vocals and rapid-fire breaks. Next up, ‘Had Enough’ channels a similar vibe, albeit with more poignancy and emotion. Closing things out, the immersive, high-energy sounds of ‘Anything’, a finely crafted cut that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. 

Formed in 2013, Northamptonshire duo Sublimit have garnered support from D&B favourites such as Noisia, Macky Gee and Ray Keith, also releasing regularly on the likes of Four Corners, Nu Venture Records and Lethal Impact Recordings. Phadix boasts a similarly prolific back catalogue, with releases on Random Concept Origins, Good4Nothing Records and Pick ‘n’ Mix. They have collaborated regularly throughout their career, most recently on five-track EP ‘Diligence’, out earlier this year.

Regular collaborators, Sublimit and Phadix ensure they bring their A-game for their Eloisa Records debut.

Various Artists – I Am Eloisa

Release Date: 06/03/20

Eloisa Records has unveiled new various artist compilation album I Am Eloisa, out 2nd October.

An eight-track release featuring an array of artists from across the drum & bass sphere, I Am Eloisa kicks off with the rave-inducing jump-up vibes of ‘Heat’ by Hong Kong producer Kray and similarly high-energy club cut ‘Abstract Out Of Sight’ by Exile (who contribute to Eloisa’s maiden release) & Jappa. Maintaining this euphoric, club-ready energy, Midlands-based artist False Relation then steps up with the explosive ‘Insular’, Inperspective regular Will Miles drops the piano-led, breakbeat-heavy ‘Summer Down Under’ and Southampton’s Jak B harnesses a melodic drum & bass vibe on ‘Early Mornings’. Sumone then enlists the vocal expertise of Jamaican MC General Pecos for ‘Clear The Way’, a raucous banger that harks back to the golden era of jungle, Trojiin, who dropped a four-track EP on Eloisa back in May, unloads his trademark hard-hitting sound on ‘Portal’ before Inperspective label boss Chris Inperspective rounds things off with the fluttering, contemplative breaks of ‘Cocoahead’.

Launching back in March under the Inperspective Music Group umbrella, Eloisa Records is ‘on a mission to surpass barriers in the D&B scene’ and instil some fresh energy into the scene. The label has since released music from Simon Splice, Styke, Bungle and, most recently, pyxis.

Traversing the full drum & bass spectrum, I Am Eloisa is a talent-laden compilation that gives an accurate depiction of where the genre is at in 2020.

pyxis – The XX

Release Date: 15/09/20

Exciting new producer pyxis makes her debut on Eloisa Records with new EP ‘The XX’, out 15th September.

A four-track release with a different female vocalist on each song ‘The XX’ announces itself with the tranquil, jazz-inflicted vibes of ‘Aura’, featuring the soulful vocals of Ella Sopp. Next up, ‘Senses’ ventures into the deeper end of the D&B spectrum, accompanied by the smooth voice of Collette Warren, before ‘Timepeace’ unleashes full sonic eruption, paired with the similarly electrifying vocals of SOFi MARi. Closing things out is the soft, meditative ‘Zen’, with Sydney throwing her enchanting vocals into the mix.

A relative newcomer in the world of D&B, pyxis burst onto the scene at the tail-end of last year with a release on the revered Goldfat Records. Since then she has put out more music on Liquid Drops, Sunny Moves and Just Noyze before landing on Eloisa.

A dynamic four-track release, brimming with bold atmospherics and rich soundscapes, ‘The XX’ demonstrates a talented young artist on her way to the top.

Bungle – Runaway

Release Date: 01/09/20

Brazilian D&B producer Bungle drops new EP ‘Runaway’, out 1st September via the rising Eloisa Records.

The three track EP begins with title track ‘Runaway’ that see’s a rolling and grit fuelled bassline interject superbly with sharp and snappy percussion. Things take a deeper and darker turn with ‘Unleashed’ as technical and expansive atmospherics run rampant throughout the tune as the drums chop and change exquisitely. Seeing things home is an industrial growler, and not one for the faint hearted. The aptly name ‘Articulate’ is Bungle at his best and will no doubt be a choice cut for DJs across the drum & bass spectrum.

‘Runaway’ marks the fifth release on the burgeoning Eloisa, the fresh imprint ‘on a mission to surpass barriers in the D&B scene’. Under the Inperspective Music Group umbrella, the label is determined to instil some fresh energy across the genre. Knowing no limits in its expression or style of the broad drum & bass genre, the only thing we can be sure of is that whatever they release, it will be quality.

Having released on the likes of 31, Critical, Spearhead, C.I.A and Soul:R to name a few, real name André Oliveira Sobota aka Bungle has consistently represented the highest echelons of drum & bass music.

A stunning collection of hard-hitting and gritty cuts primed and poised to screw-up faces across the globe, Runaway is another superb release, from what’s fast becoming a superb record label.

Styke – Oversight

Release Date: 10/07/20

Dutch D&B producer Styke has dropped new EP ‘Oversight’, out 10th July via Eloisa Records.

The five-track release kicks off with jazz-influenced piano keys of ‘Stride’, a smooth cut that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Next up, title track ‘Oversight’ ups the tempo, delivering a high-energy jam featuring the soaring vocals of Emilienne Chouadossi. ‘Subtend’ is the most subdued, downtempo track, in contrast with the rapid-fire breaks of ‘Indus’. Closing things out, ‘Mellifluous’ is the jazziest track on the record, a collab with fellow Dutch D&B artist Auris.

Inspired by the likes of Lenzman and Alix Perez, Styke produces sounds that traverse the D&B spectrum. ‘Oversight’ follows recent four-track EP ‘Sanguine’ and last year’s ‘Solution’ EP.

A stunning collection of piano-led D&B cuts, ‘Oversight’ sees Eloisa Records go from strength to strength. ‘Oversight’ marks the fourth release on the fledgling Eloisa, the fresh imprint ‘on a mission to surpass barriers in the D&B scene’.

Trojiin – Flux

Release Date: 01/05/20

Trojiin debuts on Eloisa Records with his incredible new EP, Flux, out 1st May. Four stunning tracks ready and loaded to takeover the speakers.

With title-track Flux taking the front seat, it definitely sets high boundaries for this EP! Starting with a steady beat, then bursting into the heavy vibe that Trojiin is known for. A track destined to make sure you’re feeling the Flux. Second track, Sticky Roll, a ground wrecking piece. With a range of different heavy sounds, mixing real life, into the dream world. A post-apocalyptic sounding track, that is sure to keep your head bopping.

The second half of the EP begins with Get Jazzy releasing a sickening bassline. The rupturing bass is sure to cause some impact on the dance floors, a phenomenal track. The final stop for this release, Uphoria. Turn your speakers right up for this one, and feel the fantasy. A steady beat to start, followed by the classic Trojiin vibe; rounding off this outstanding release.
Keep one eye on Trojiin, as he continues to build his way in to the drum and bass scene with his unique sounds. Whilst also keeping the other eye on Eloisa Records, a fresh new imprint which is already reaching corners throughout the scene.

Duece – Duece Not Deuce

Release Date: 07/04/20

Southampton-based DJ and producer Duece has unveiled his new EP ‘Duece Not Deuce’, out 7th April via Eloisa Records.

Marking his first release of the new decade, the four-track EP opens with the finely crafted jumpup with ‘Let It Up’ – a track that pairs rave-era samples with the tightest of production. Next up, ‘Woo’ and ‘Half Life’ continue along the same path, cultivating measured yet energetic vibes capable of making an impact on any dancefloors. Closing things out, ‘Salisbury’ is the record’s most riotous track – high-octane, unpredictable and laden with menacing intent.

‘Duece Not Deuce’ is Duece’s debut on the fledgling Eloisa, a fresh, new D&B imprint that’s ‘on a mission to surpass barriers in the D&B scene’. Under the Inperspective Music Group umbrella, the label is determined to instil some fresh energy into the scene.

A stellar new release, ‘Duece Not Deuce’ sees Eloisa continue to carve a reputation as a D&B label with seriously stringent quality control.

Simon Splice – New Beginnings

Release Date: 06/03/20

Simon Splice is a contemporary new look for a current heavy-producing artist within the drum and bass scene. Simon Splice will express jubilant liquid and enchanted dancefloor stunners, through 4 tracks ready to grace the dancefloors.

Taking the lead is ‘Want It All’ featuring the fabulous Miss Tantrum with her precise vocals. Want It All is already generating a high altitude of praise. Next up is ‘Knock Knock’ with Simon Splice’s first solo track of the EP, gracefully exploring his new adventures. Expect beautifully pieced raindrop patterns and a rupturing bassline as this track is ready for the dance.

Entering the second half of the EP, we are met with ‘Carousel’ with the graceful vocals from A N I M A, another brand new artist taking to Eloisa. The smooth flow and uplifting bassline will leave you in a sense of euphoria. A similar ethereal feel reappears in the final track ‘Lines’, with its additional mellifluous quirks, which carry you to the end of the EP.