Kray – The Peak

Released March 16th 2021

Following his heavyweight single ‘ Heat ‘ on our I Am Eloisa compilation, Kray ‘s first full release with us takes his sound in a new direction. Rather than choppy dancefloor destruction, The Peak is smooth synthetic persuasion; an organic, healthy four-tracker with soul in its heart.

Kray hails from Hong Kong and was picked up by Beatport last year as one of Asia’s most exciting drum & bass talents, a label he earns tenfold, and one which speaks to the continent’s emergent drum & bass strength.

We know just how difficult it is to make drum & bass that’s warm and progressive yet not cheesy. Kray nails that on The Peak , delicately balancing percussive grit with cascading, effervescent highs.

‘Not Too Late’ is early-morning momentum, neon glowing and inspirational in its fluttery vocal leads and non-stop bassline. ‘Overflow’ is the club-friendly cut, as sharp-edged synth nodes warp and twist in tandem with one another, whilst ‘Everytime’ is nonchalant, smoking area soul that’s aesthetically simple but full of complexity. Leaving us with ‘Current Under’ and its elevating yet charismatic bassline.

We’re thrilled to have Kray on the label, and The Peak is a true testament to his talent.