Duece – Duece Not Deuce

Southampton-based DJ and producer Duece has unveiled his new EP ‘Duece Not
Deuce’, out 7th April via Eloisa Records.

Marking his first release of the new decade, the four-track EP opens with the finely crafted jumpup with ‘Let It Up’ – a track that pairs rave-era samples with the tightest of production.

Next up, ‘Woo’ and ‘Half Life’ continue along the same path, cultivating measured yet energetic vibes capable of making an impact on any dancefloors. Closing things out, ‘Salisbury’ is the record’s most riotous track – high-octane, unpredictable and laden with menacing intent.

‘Duece Not Deuce’ is Duece’s debut on the fledgling Eloisa, a fresh, new D&B imprint that’s ‘on a mission to surpass barriers in the D&B scene’.

A stellar new release, ‘Duece Not Deuce’ sees Eloisa continue to carve a reputation as a D&B label with seriously stringent quality control.